Kodai’s Shoulder Might Need Some Re-Sengineering

O. Henry typing up a player on his fantasy baseball website, “A player who has massive amounts of upside. Just absolutely loving this guy. He can be a cheap number one starter. I’d give my wife’s comb for this guy, and let her be all straggly and shizz. The only thing possibly going against this great, wonderful player is a small thing that likely won’t react negatively to his value and make this whole thing ironic. That thing is the player plays for the New York Mets.” So, Kodai Senga was diagnosed with a moderate posterior capsule strain in his shoulder, and will start the year on the IL. [sound of a balloon deflating] What the eff, my bros and five sisters? Can we not have anything nice? Did we wrong a religion’s God in a former life? I wonder aloud. Joe Musgrove had a similar injury last year. All players are different — we’re all freakin’ snowflakes! — but that knocked Musgrove out for half a season. The good news is, well…Hopefully you haven’t drafted yet! Updated Senga in the top 40 starters, the top 500 and the pitchers’ pairing tool. I will not be drafting him now. Speaking of rankings, you’re amongst greatness:

Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy baseball in Spring Training:

PSYCHE! Before we get into the post, wanted to announce that we’re doing a 15-team, auction draft next Tuesday (2/27) that starts at 6 PM EST. It is a FAST auction, not SLOW. You must be present, and it’ll likely take 4 hours total. It is $150 to join. Rules are here. To signup click this link. Anyway II, the roundup:

Tylor Megill – My favorite to get the Mets’ vacant rotation spot, but, and hold onto your hats for these names, the Mets are looking at Joey Lucchesi, Jose Butto, and Max Kranick. They all sound Butt-o, except Megill. In camp, Megill revealed a new splitter he learned from Senga. Damn, sounds like an All About Eve situation. Black Swan for those under the age of 95.

Carlos Rodon – Sitting 95 MPH on his fastball, after supposedly sitting 88-91 MPH last spring. I got all excited, and maybe there is room for some enthusiasm here, but then I checked his velocity during the year. He was throwing 95 MPH last year in-season. In the season where he had a 6.85 ERA. Rodon feels like a trap. Granted, a cheaper trap this year than usually.

Liam Hendriks – Signed with the Red Sox. Liam Hendriks is slated to return around the trading deadline in July. No idea why the Red Sox would need that, they seem so happy with Kenley. So happy, in fact, they’ve offered every other team’s scouts a chance to see how great he is.

Gio Urshela – Signed with the Tigers. That is the new blech. If the Tigers plan to use him to platoon with Cool Colt Keith, that sucks. If they plan to play Urshela in front of Zach McKinstry, I don’t like that either. Don’t even like him taking at-bats from Vierling. I’m guessing Urshela (hit .373 vs. lefties last year) will platoon against southpaws, making him basically unrosterable for fantasy, outside of AL-Only. So, I removed Vierling from 3B rankings, but left others untouched.

Amed Rosario – Signed with the Rays. Welp, and he was lowered in the rankings. A righty who has no splits in Tampa? He’ll be lucky to face any righties. Was tempted to remove him altogether from the rankings, but maybe they let him steal. He’s a 12/25/.280 hitter, who is going to a place where he might see 300 ABs. *makes sign of the cross* Amed. Updated in the 2nd basemen rankings.

Matt McLain – Tweaked his oblique. Don’t spend much time on injuries in the preseason unless they’re going to effect rankings, because you don’t want to yell fire in the theater of Razzball when a guy has over a month to get ready for the season, but McLain missed the final five weeks of last year with the same oblique injury. McLain’s six-month-old oblique is going to be walking and saying “dada” soon.

Robert Suarez – Been under the assumption the Padres’ closer would be a committee of Matsui and Suarez, but Shildt seemed to indicate it was Suarez. So I updated the top 500. Don’t feel super confident on this, if being honest.

Anthony DeSclafani – Seems to be a bit of shine on Disco getting the ball as the 5th starter. Don’t you see the reflected lights? That could spell doom for Varland, or it could mean Varland gets 100 IP, just not from Opening Day to July, and instead from June to September. Haven’t changed my top 100 starters, because Varland will still be my pick over DeSclafani, but, in AL-Only leagues, I could see giving Disco a spin. Do the Hustle!

Tristan Beck – Favorite to get a spot in the Giants’ rotation. Tristan Beck is also the answer to the May trivia question, “Who was the Giants’ 5th starter to start the season?” And no one will be able to answer it. In related Giants’ rotation news you don’t care about, Keaton Winn has elbow soreness. That’s not good, said Mr. Exposition.

Justin Lawrence – Rockies seem to be leaning towards Lawrence or Tyler Kinley as their closer, and I’m leaning towards Lawrence, as my top 500 shows. I might be crazy but I think Lawrence can actually be a solid backend closer. Or maybe I’m like my mother, too bold.

Jeff McNeil – Saw the news reporting, “McNeil heard good news about his partially torn UCL,” and read, “It’s still torn.” That’s the good news.

Sal Frelick – Some reports saying Frelick might platoon, which would be effin’ stupid, but that’s what MLB managers do: Stupid. Speaking of stupid MLB managers, the Brewers’ new manager said to their former 1st round pick Frelick, “Were you drafted or traded for?” He was kidding, which is a great motivational tool. Brewers’ manager, Pat O’Brien’s Murphy, the King of Razz.

Tim Anderson – Signed with the Marlins. Jazz and Tim on the same team is going to be nonstop entertainment (in their own mind). If they deliver 20% of what they promise, we are so good! Let’s just hope the Marlins don’t face the Guards when Jose Ramirez is in a bad mood. Any hoo! For fantasy, Anderson is what he is at this point, and doesn’t have much upside. Unless you’re in a 6×6 league with KOs. He was updated in the shortstops rankings.

Dominic Fletcher – Leading a committee for the White Sox RF job. Hold up, let me tell 2022 Grey, he’s gonna be so excited. Wow, 2022 Grey told me and I quote, “Go eff yourself.” That guy’s got a real temper. So, Fletcher feels like a best case scenario 15/15/.270 hitter, and worst case is, well, go see the quote from 2022 Grey. Not adding him into the rankings, but could see the late flyer in AL-Only.

Chris Flexen – White Sox GM said he wants Flexen in the rotation to start the year. Weird Flexen, but okay.

John Brebbia – Has a calf strain, but hopeful to be ready for Opening Day. Why do we care? He’s supposedly the White Sox closer! For the first time I can remember (roughly a week back), there’s a MLB team where I’m not drafting their closer candidates in range of a 12-team mixed league (top 275). You can see who I have in my top 500 for the most White Sox saves (it’s not Brebbia), you can also see JKJ’s Bullpen chart.

Daniel Vogelbach – Signed with the Jays.

Sixto Sanchez – Speaking of big boys:

@razzballfantasy Sixto Sanchez? More like Eight or Nineto #fantasybaseball #mlb #marlins ? Shall We Have Breakfast Together – Official Sound Studio

Eduardo Escobar – Signed with the Jays. They went from Bellinger and Ohtani to Vogelbach and Escobar? The kids would say they’re down bad. I’d say they’re down horrendous. They’re also asking a lot of Customs agents to have an Escobar repeatedly cross the border.

Randal Grichuk – Signed with Arizona. He will platoon with Joc and shake his head disapprovingly when anyone bat flips. Thanks, Dad!

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